Virtual Reality

Discover the Wild Immersion the first virtual reserve

Supported by the famous anthropologist Jane Goodall, The Wild Immersion is the first virtual reserve of the world.

Every Wild Immersion movie is a unique experience, a totally immersive dive into the heart of the subject filmed in 360°. Equipped with individual VR glasses Lenovo Mirage Solo™, the spectator experiences the feeling of being in the middle of nature, discovering mind-blowing situations, like it would happen in real life.

The Wild Immersion Company is committed to explore and protect our planet’s living spaces and environment.

Enjoy the new virtual reality experience now

  • Pathé Westside | Bern: 26.10.19 - 20.11.19 (every day from 12.00)
  • Balexert shopping centre | Geneva: 25.11.19 - 30.11.19 (every day fom 9.30)
  • Pathé Balexert | Geneva: 02.12.19-31.12.19 (every day from 11.00)


The Wild Immersion program is composed of 4 different movies that last between 10 to 13 minutes.

Cold regions, a polar environment. In this movie the spectator finds himself levitating over a frozen lake with a group of wapitis. Suddenly, a gigantic Aurora Borealis lights a sky full of stars.
Warm lands, luxurious vegetative surroundings. An unforgettable trip with 15 vignettes, each dedicated to a special animal: mongoose, chimp, pelican, emu, cheetah, python, tarentula, etc
A subaquatic odyssey. Dive in the deep blue sea with schools of tropical colorful fish, a sea turtle, a manta ray, a whale shark, all surrounded by the coral barrier...All of these species are close to extinction.
Discover wildlife in its most endearing but also most vulnerable form. You will discover feverish, playful or curious animals: baby turtles, fawns, koala, chimpanzees and a little pangolin.


Tickets are not available online and can be purchased at the ticket desk.


Prices incl. VAT.
2 movies CHF 10.00
1 movie CHF 6.00
School and groups of 10 or more Group reservations are obligatory and need to be requested 48 hours in advance (details under Contact) Available upon request

Pathé Friends and Pathé Pass cards are not accepted


The legal age of admission of each film must be taken into consideration. The condition of entries also apply when visiting The Wild Immersion.


Group reservations are obligatory for schools or groups of 10 or more people. Requests are only treated during weekdays. Inquiries must be sent via email maximum 48 hours prior to the desired session date.


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